People in El Paso are known to be very friendly, but El Paso itself is not as friendly -- at least not to pets, that according to a personal financial website.

The site took a look at which cities were best and worst for pet lovers, and El Paso was ranked near the bottom. The study, which compared the 100 biggest cities in America, based its rankings on metrics such as the number of vets, pet-friendly restaurants and businesses, and animal shelters per capita.

El Paso was #79 overall, ranking 94th out of 100 in health and wellness, which includes the number or vets and pet caretakers per 100,000 residents, and near the middle of the pack (43rd) in the category that was comprised of factors such as dog parks and dog-friendly trials. Our city scored highest (37th) in the Budget category, which includes veterinary care costs.

The top city on the list was Scottsdale, Arizona, while Newark, New Jersey ranked last.

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