There is NO shortage of good Mexican restaurants in El Paso.

It's not hard to find good Mexican food around here at all as there are tons of great restaurants all over the place. Many of them have some unusual names.

Some names are more artsy, fun or just not so "Mexican restaurant-ish". Like these:

  • Los Jarrones: Translation, "The Vases".
  • Ay Cocula: Translation, "Of or From Cocula. Cocula is a city in Jalisco, Mexico. Jalisco is where they make tequila ... I seriously need to go there.
  • Kiki's: Translation, it's another name, a nickname actually for "Enrique".
  • Chope's: A family nickname this time, given by the founder to his son, Jose.
  • La Cometa: Translation, The Comet
  • Andele: Translation, "Hurry"(I guess they're saying their service is fast?)
  • Casita Linda: Translation, "Linda's Little House, or, Little House of Linda" ... could also be "Beautiful Little House".
  • Carnitas Queretaro: Translation, "meats (prepared) in the style of Queretaro". Queretaro is a state in Mexico.
  • Las Palmas: Translation, "The Palms".
  • Carlos & Mickey's: Proper names, again, but that's just how most peeps refer to it. The actual name is Los Bandidos, Carlos and Mickey." or, "The Bandits, Carlos and Mickey" Some kind of Mexican Butch and Sundance thing going on there.
  • La Malinche: This translation can go a couple of ways and I'm not sure which one the restaurant meant. One is a flower, another definition says it is a man or boy dressed as a woman in a dance or play. "Malinche" was also a controversial figure in Mexican history. Her role was similar to that of Pocohantas and she's known as the first translator.
Mexican-Style Food Items
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Some just keep it plain and simple:

For great cajun food, go to New Orleans, if you like sea food, pick a city close to the source ... a lake or an ocean.

For Mexican food, it's El Paso baby ... no matter what they named the place.

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