Officials with the City and County of El Paso had their daily press conference this afternoon to update the coronavirus outbreak numbers. While numbers have been not growing a quickly as they had been last week, Mayor Dee Margo said that we should not be complacent because testing numbers from private labs don't come in as quickly as the County's testing numbers do.

The most telling thing that came out of the press conference in my opinion is the mayor's tough stance on President Donald Trump's outstanding debt to El Paso. When Donald Trump showed up in El Paso after the February 11, 2019 "Make America Great Again" rally at the El Paso County Coliseum. The City sent Trump’s campaign a bill for $470,417.05 to cover the cost of EPPD, EPFD and other emergency services that cities are required to provide during a presidential visit. Trump's campaign has never paid the debt and has never said when they will get around to paying the 14-month-old debt. The City of El Paso resent another invoice for the services to Trump's campaign in February of this year, but there has not been any word from his campaign about paying the debt that now has a $98,787.58 late fee attached to it.

During Tuesday afternoon's press conference, Margo said that he is ready to file a lawsuit against the campaign for the funds, funds that will come in handy considering the monumental costs associated with fighting the COVID-19 outbreak in El Paso. I have to hand it to Mayor Margo. He has given the campaign sufficient time to make good on the debt our taxpayers incurred for the campaign rally. It is high time for that debt to be paid and I hope that Margo and the El Paso City Council makes the move to sue the president. He should not be allowed to blow into town and not pay his debts. We are not a wealthy city and it's good to see the mayor trying to make sure that we get paid what we are owed.

You can watch today's coronavirus update press conference in full by clicking herein full by clicking herein full by clicking here.

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