One of America's favorite new shows is Live PD. El Paso has been lucky enough to be featured on this show every week as the film crew rides along with the El Paso Police Department. Sometimes the funniest moments of the show come from the Sun City, such as weird quotes or even weirder images.

Last week, an El Paso man in a thong was featured on the show. The confidence in this man was 'puro El Paso.'The reason EPPD caught the man walking the streets was due to a confrontation between him and his man of four months. His boyfriend had an issue with his jean thong.

EPPD had to search through the man's bag to find some jeans and kindly asked the man to put them on. He didn't hesitate to follow the cops orders and quickly went on his way to walk to a store. Hopefully, this guy and his man will rekindle their relationship and possibly go shopping as a makeup date.

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