Sometimes it's better just to tell the truth. One El Paso man found that out the hard way after he told El Paso Police that his car had been stolen -- instead of telling them what really happened.

Robert Andrew Gutierrez, 31, filed a stolen vehicle police report back on Aug. 25. He said his 2015 Mazda had been taken. Unfortunately for Gutierrez, police like to investigate things like stolen vehicle reports. When they did, they found a car matching the description of Gutierrez's vehicle in the Value Inn parking lot on Joe Battle.

After some follow-up with Gutierrez, police determined that instead of admitting that he allegedly crashed the car, he decided to report the car as stolen. Turns out, you can get arrested for that kind of thing, which is exactly what happened.

Gutierrez was arrested at work and charged with False Report to Peace Officer on a $5,000 bond. Next time you think about lying to the police, you might want to remember what happened to Gutierrez.

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