Even the pagan demonic Krampus knows children need discipline. Many humans would point out that kids probably do not need incredibly harsh discipline as Krampus does do with sticks and possibly eating children, but just enough to establish consequences.

If your kids believe in Santa, it might be time to also introduce them to Krampus.

December 5th is when the traditions of Krampus are nationally celebrated including here in El Paso. While only a special showing of the movie Krampus was scheduled for the day on December 6th, the big 5th annual Krampus Fest Art and Show Market isn't happening until December 11th, 2021 at the east El Paso location of Alamo Drafthouse.

Which you can also catch a special showing of Krampus the movie, at Alamo Drafthouse East. This showing will be right after the festival.

Not only is this festival giving El Pasoans a different kind of character to celebrate during the Christmas season, but it is also giving back to the community.

You can help give back to one local charity, Reynold's Home, by bringing in some diapers for the diaper drive that will be held during Krampus Fest.

I love that the Kaleidoscrop Art Market is always working to give back to the community and is combining their donation efforts with an underappreciated half-goat, half-demon character. I don't see Santa going out and asking for baby wipe donations.

So do what Krampus would do, bring in some packs or even boxes of baby wipes to the 5th Annual Krampus Fest Art Show and Market.

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