Dress codes and guest lists are usually reserved for parties and clubs, but for an upcoming manslaughter trial where the defendant is accused of killing three people while driving drunk, the judge in the case laid down the law to the families involved in the case.

Joel Garcia was behind the wheel of a vehicle on the morning of Christmas Eve, 2014, when El Paso Police say he was speeding, ran through a red light at the intersection of Joe Battle and Vista Del Sol, and crashed into another vehicle. In that car were Joshua Deal, Shannon Del Rio, and Isaiah Deal. The car burst into flames with Joshua and Shannon still in it. They died at the scene. Isaiah was thrown from the vehicle and died later from his injuries.

Garcia's trial begins Aug. 28, and the judge in the case says the families will have to follow certain rules during the trial, or be thrown out of the courtroom.

Family members will not be able to wear any clothing or T-shirts that may convey any messages of emotion to the jury. Family members are not allowed to be disruptive, make any comments during the trial, or have an outburst. If they don't follow the judge's rules, not only will the person who disobeys be thrown out of the courtroom, the whole family will also be told to leave.

The judge says he had to put those rules in place because family members of the victims have been heard making comments to Garcia during previous hearings.

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