The Tigua Indian Tribe used to operate a casin inside of the Speaking Rock Entertainment Center in the Lower Valley.  It was closed back in 2002, but a bill making it's way through the Texas Legislature could change all that.  Could casino gambling be coming back to El Paso?

Gambling Might Be Back In Texas
el paso times file photo

If you want to legally gamble, and you're an El Paso resident, you have to go up to Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino.  Ever since the State of Texas said adults over the age of 21 were not capable of handling games of chance, that, and Vegas, have been the only nearby outlets for gamblers.

But Senate Joint Resolution 6 could bring back bright lights and clanging slot machines to the Lower Valley and the Tigua Reservation.  There are a number of Texas lawmakers who know that gambling brings in tourists and their money to cities that have casino's, and they want that money.

If the bill passes with 2/3 of the Legislature, Governor Rick Perry's support for the bill  wouldn't be needed, which is a good thing, because he doesn't dig him the gambling.  What a stick in the mud!

So what do you think?  Gambling good, or gambling bad?

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