Problems at a recent basketball game between the Bowie Bears and the Burges Mustangs exploded on social media over the lack of locker rooms for the Bears. Bowie couldn't use the visitors locker rooms in the gym. They were told that they would have to use locker rooms outside in the track and field building, but that would mean the players, who were warm from playing, would have to go out in the cold air, something their coaches didn't want to do.

The team sat at mid-court during halftime, and some Bowie parents took to social media to say that they felt it was because the Mustangs were being disrepectful to them.

Officials with EPISD said they talked to the Burges administration and are working on 'providing adequate locker room space to both the home and visiting team at Burges. Several options are being studied and a final recommendation has not yet been determined.'

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