El Paso is blessed with fantastic weather but because of the coronavirus shutdown we haven't been able to enjoy our local walking and hiking trails. Apparently social distancing and walking and hiking don't mix. But there is some good news for outdoorsy types. The City of El Paso announced that you will be able to hit the trail again beginning this weekend.

The Parks and Recreation Department will reopen hiking and walking trails across the city for Memorial Day beginning Saturday, May 23. They will remain open from here on out. Parks and Rec officials say they want El Pasoans to have the benefit, both physical and mental, of open spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you visit the city's trails you can do any of these activities - walking, jogging, cycling, and nature viewing. You have to follow social distancing guidelines, however. If you are with a member of your household you don't have to wear a face mask or do the six feet of social distancing, but if you come up on people who are not from your household, you can't congregate or hang out with those people. You also cannot have a picnic with anyone outside of your household. If you are around people from outside of your household you are encouraged to use face coverings.

If you or anyone in in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms City officials ask that you stay home.

The additional hiking and walking trails opening on Memorial Day Weekend include:
The Lost Dog trail
The Round House trail
The Lazy Cow trail
The Thousand Steps trail
The Palisades trail
The Lomas del Sol trail
The Jan Sumrall Memorial trail

Scenic Drive - Scenic Sundays will also restart this weekend
McKelligon Canyon - The canyon will reopen Friday, May 22, but the gate will remain closed to vehicle traffic. Only foot and bicycle traffic will be allowed on the paved road. Hiking on trails is not permitted.

If you would like more information on the hiking and walking trails that will be opening, including their locations, you can log on to the Parks and Recreation website www.elpasotexas.gov/parks-and-recreation.

You will not be allowed to use any City parks and recreational areas until further notice. No picnics, gatherings, sports games, or any other activity are permitted in City parks. You can use the walking paths, however.

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