Hacks. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

It's either a hit or miss when it comes to hacks, however, I know that in El Paso, there are some real good hacks that we all know about. So I went and did the usual and asked our Facebook followers what are some good El Paso hacks that everyone should know about.

Well, we got some real good answers. And we also got some not helpful answers. A majority of the answers were about traffic, because as we all know, in El Paso, traffic is a major topic of contention!

The best El Paso hack is to wait until someone puts their turn signal on to change lanes, and then speed up to block them. You'll get wherever you're going 0.3 seconds sooner.

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Then, of course, there were some very tight lipped El Pasoans who did not want to divulge their El Paso secrets with all of us!

Don’t say anything. You’ll just ruin it!

But out of all them, we got a solid 20 good El Paso hacks.

20 of the Best El Paso Hacks You Should Know

I do love that a we got some Chico's Tacos hacks, and that our fellow El Pasoans warn the rest of us about speed traps! For those who were concerned that influencers would abuse these hacks, I think we're okay.

If you take anything away from these today, just remember to order singles instead of doubles at Chico's and if you are going to go the speed limit, it's best if you just stay away from the left lane!

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