Below is an intriguing collection of images submitted by listeners of Mike and Tricia Mornings who believe their photo features something paranormal, or a strange visual anomaly that cannot be explained.

Because of the proliferation of smartphones and ghost apps, I cannot say for certain if the photograph is truly supernatural, an optical illusion, or was sent in in an attempt to deceive. Submissions were on the honor system and publishing of the photo is not an endorsement of its authenticity.

I leave the final decision to you.

El Paso High:

Submitted by EG

"Taken at El Paso HS. You'll see a lady in white at the top left hiding in the corner." [Click HERE to see larger file] -- "Annie Nonymous" by request

Ghost Hands:

Myrna Munoz

"These are pictures I took back about 1995-96 or so. In one picture [is] my daughter sitting still waiting for the picture to be taken by my sister. We took a second picture where she is a bit squirmy and she didn't want to take the picture anymore"

Myrna Munoz

"We lived in some apartments back then where my little girl would often talk and laugh to herself, often pointing at things we didn't see. she would often say, "Grandpa." The only person I could think of who we lost was my grandfather on my dad's side which would have been her great grandfather. I often would feel certain things like someone behind me or at times our radio would turn on and I'd be alone. I at one time felt someone sit at my bed, and I thought I was dreaming but I could actually feel the weight on my bed. Well these are the pictures and I DID NOT MESS with them these are the originals." -- Myrna Munoz

Face in the Smoke:

submitted by EA

"This was taken more than 10 years ago at a Halloween party held at Reyes and Reyes Law firm. I took the...[and] was upset to see the smoke & asked who's smoking. No one was. I was going to delete it & retake but that's when I noticed...a face in the 'smoke'. I started showing every one. & the (guy in pic) said that the firm is haunted & creepy 'sh!+' happens." -- "Annie Nonymous" by request

Boy From the 1880's:

Mike Tiscareno

"Picture below is at a remote location a few miles out of El Paso. Directly ahead of our camera/tripod setup, you can see a child (boy) in 1800's attire, suspenders, cap." [Click HERE to see larger file]
-- Mike Tiscareno

School Hallway:

Submitted by Flakis Talakis

"This was taken at my kid's school hallway during a camp day about a month ago" -- Flakis Talakis

The Face Between:

Ivan Ooze

"Look in between my friends. We saw a weird face when we zoomed in. There was no one there when we took the picture. No one behind them." -- Ivan Ooze

Hands on Wall:

Ivan Ooze

"Maybe its just me and im a magnet for spirits but at work we have a ghost that loves to turn off lights and open doors. Well one day we came in to find these hand prints on our wall. The ceilings are 9 -10 feet tall. We have no ladders that reach the top." [Click HERE for a better height perspective]  -- Ivan Ooze