You know I love the downtown El Paso streetcars. I've ridden them quite a bit and I see something new every time. There are murals along the route that I love to see, you ride right past the historic Sacred Heart Church in south El Paso. I love that church and did an article about it a few years ago when it was named as one of the most endangered places in the United States.

Sacred Heart is just one of the gems that you can see if you take a streetcar tour this week with El Paso's First Lady, Adair Margo. Margo will be riding through downtown El Paso on the streetcar and giving a history & architecture tour of the cool things you can see on the streetcar route.

Margo has been giving tours of Juarez recently, a move that has gotten her some snark from the group that is trying to keep the City from building the downtown arena in the Duranguito neighborhood. Max Grossman, who is heading the efforts of the group, isn't happy about Margo giving tours of historic Juarez when her husband is trying to get the downtown arena built in the Duranguito neighborhood. Personally, I don't see why an art history professor with an almost ecstatic love of architecture would have a problem with someone leading tours of the amazing architecture that can be seen in our sister city. Grossman would tell you that he finds Margo's about our area's architecture ironic because of the buildings that are likely to be demolished to make way for the downtown arena.

But I digress.

If you would like to take Margo's downtown streetcar tour that happens Thursday, June 13, and then attend the lunch at the Fire Restaurant in the Double Tree Hotel that will happen after the tour, you can call 915-867-6261 to reserve your $17 ticket. The tour begins at 10:45 a.m. You can also click here for more information.

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