There is really nothing scarier than fire. It can race through a home in no time and destroy everything in its path. It can also turn deadly in no time, not only because of the flames, but because of the smoke. If you have a traditional smoke alarm, you know it works with sound and light to wake you up and alert you to a fire. But what happens is you can't hear? What option is out there for you?

The El Paso Fire Department has the answer to that question. They want to make sure that every El Pasoan has the equipment needed to warn them of smoke and fire at their home. The Fire Department has a new smoke alarm that is designed just for the needs of the deaf community.

The smoke alarm uses vibrations instead of sound to alert someone to the presence of smoke. It is attached to your bed and when it detects smoke, it vibrates to wake you up. The Fire Department has already given out 66 of the shaker smoke detectors to deaf individuals throughout the city, but it's important taht anyone who needs one gets one.

You can call the City of El Paso at 3-1-1 to get more information about the devices or to apply to get one. You do need to live within the city limits to use this number.

If you live in the county, tou can call the fire department at 915-212-5699, go to the EP Fire Department's website by clicking here, or call the American Red Cross and they can help you obtain the shaker smoke detector.

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