Remember the surgical mask wearing tree in the Cielo Vista area I told you about in April?

As I recounted then, the Rosales family outfitted the tree that sits on their front yard with a custom face mask and some hilarious googly eyes and the getup has provided neighbors and passersby with some much needed pandemic comic relief since. Well, that tree has since branched out (Ha, see what I did there?) and is now sporting a graduation cap.

No, the tree hasn’t finished high school. It’s still in Elementree school (Hi-yo!), but based on the signage all over the lawn it appears someone named Adriana has. She, a sign indicates, is a 2020 Burges graduate who presumably lives there.

I know your senior year has been a huge disappointment, Adriana, and nowhere near what you or any of this year's graduating class were expecting, but I hope they way your family has honored this milestone in your life at least put a smile on your face. It sure put one on mine. Con-grad-uations.

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