The El Paso Public Health Department announced Sunday's COVID-19 numbers in a press release early this morning. There are 1,148 new cases and an additional 83 additional cases that have been reported by the State of Texas to the health department. There were 3 COVID-19 deaths being reported on Sunday which brings the number of people who have died in El Paso since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic to 602. Those numbers might not mean anything to us because we've been seeing them reported every day since March, but if these numbers were people dying because they were being gunned down in the streets, we would take notice. If the numbers of infections were the number of people being hurt in drunk driving accidents, there would be a huge outcry from the public about doing something to stop those crazy numbers, but for some reason, El Pasoans are mad about wearing masks and not being able to eat in restaurants, things that could help us reduce the numbers of infections and deaths.

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego caused a huge uproar on Thursday when he ordered the closing of businesses like salons and tattoo parlors and ordered restaurants to not allow in-person dining. All the sudden people were like, What is the big deal? So what if people are getting sick, they're getting better, too, right?

Wrong. As a matter of fact, so many people are dying of COVID-19 that our County morgue is full. We have also filled two mobile morgues, and a third mobile morgue is on the way to El Paso to help deal with the numbers of people who are dying and who are expected to die from COVID-19.

I could give you statistics and numbers and stories from frontline workers at our area hospitals, which by the way, are at 100% capacity, but think about the fact that we need to have 3 mobile morgues to handle the numbers of people who are dying in our city. 23 people died in the Walmart massacre on August 3, 2019. We mourned and pulled together as a city and county just a little over a year ago, but we can't manage to go about our day without sitting in a restaurant for lunch or dinner or wear a mask to protect ourselves and those around us?

El Paso Strong sure did fade quickly, didn't it?

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