El Paso County Commissioners have given the green light for the rocket’s red glare on the Fourth of July.

For the second year in a row, the County okayed the sale of fireworks. Because of lack of rainfall in previous years, the sale of fireworks had been banned, but County Judge Veronica Escobar said the numbers are not there this year, so unless there is a stretch of triple digit heat, there will be no ban on fireworks in the County.

Escobar told NewsChannel 9 that the County will still keep a close watch on the the drought index and if anything changes they will put an item on the agenda right away to possibly ban the sale of fireworks.

There is a six mile stretch of Montana Avenue in Montana Vista where tens of thousands of people go to pop fireworks and party. Last year, that was the stretch of road that El Paso Sheriff’s deputies concentrated on patrolling on the Fourth of July. They will probably be working that same stretch this year.

We'll keep you updated about when and where you can buy and use fireworks this year.

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