When it comes to comfort food in the Borderland, I think El Pasoans know best.

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Which is why when I stumbled upon this article on the three top comfort food restaurants in El Paso, I was a little disappointed to see that only two local restaurants made the cut; I figured it would be all three!

Our Big Escape, a travel website, named Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, Mac's Downtown and Grove Brunch Cafe as their top three. The website doesn't give an explanation as to how they got to this conclusion, but I feel like they completely missed the mark. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of all those three restaurants, but I think that El Pasoans know better.

So I went ahead and asked you all, what your favorite comfort food restaurants were, and you did not disappoint!

The post received 181 comments, and I loved reading all the responses! From some of my favorites, to some that I look forward to checking out, a majority of the restaurants were all local!

I gathered all the answers and came up with 21 of your favorite comfort food restaurants, plus one of my own- here's the ones that made our cut!

22 Of El Pasoans Favorite Comfort Food Restaurants

When it comes to comfort food in the Borderland, El Pasoans know best!

So many of you put down places that I have never gone to- like Taqueria La Pila- but have now convinced me that I need to visit! I also love that you all put what your favorite dish is at those particular restaurants. If we missed any, let us know!

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