Hiney's Sports Bar & Grill at 8220 Gateway Blvd E, has closed down for good and said their final goodbyes on Sunday.

If you're shocked to hear the news, you're not the only one! I was equally shocked to have heard that the place where I love to get wings at is already closed.

Over on their Facebook page, Hiney's shared a post from Oscar that stated their last day was Sunday, August 21.

The post was made on Saturday, which means there was only a 24 hour heads up, and I missed seeing the post so I missed checking the place out one last time!

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"Due to personal reasons" was the only explanation given for why this famous bar and grill would be closing down after 26 years!

It's such a bummer because Hiney's was one of my favorite places. The service was always great and I loved their wings!

I will admit, though with the pandemic and things closing down, I didn't really keep up with what was happening at my former watering hole. Which was my bad, I love supporting local and in these hard times for local business owners, I forgot about one of my favorite places.

Hiney's isn't the only one to recently close their doors, places like OG Chans (which basically thrived during pandemic) and Chase the Taste's West side location have shut down. Most recently, Erin's Bar & Patio also announced they would be closing their doors and Veronica Gonzalez shared some great memories of the place.

While we say goodbye to one of my local favorites, it does make me sad, but it also is a great reminder to continue supporting local.

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