City Rep. Larry Romero resigned from City Council weeks ago, but has continued to draw a taxpayer-funded paycheck because of a state law that says elected officials remain on holdover status until their seat can be filled. Voters will be able to vote in May for a replacement, but until then, Romero continues to get paid. Or will he?

City Rep. Claudia Ordaz has asked the City Attorney to figure out if there is a way to put an end to Romero's no-work payday. She said the city charter says a city rep can be removed if they have three unexcused absences. She wants to know if that can be used to put an end to Romero's paycheck.

Romero's absences since December, when he said he suffered a stroke, have been excused by council, but the City Attorney said it is up to them if they continue to do that. Romero has continued to ask for his absences to be excused.

Hopefully, Council will man up and put an end to saying yes to those requests, let the three unexcused absences pile up, and stop paying for representation that a lot of El Paso voters are not getting.