El Paso City Council approved $1,812,163 to build the Pavo Real Spray Park. There will be new spray parks in each of the eight districts throughout the City. Four are currently under construction and the other four will start construction later this year. The parks will have features that spray users with water as well as interactive zones for kids of all ages.

The four Spray Park projects currently under construction are at Grandview Spray Park, Hidden Valley Spray Park, Sue Young Spray Park, and now the Pavo Real Enhanced Spray Park. Each spray park includes approximately 20-30 water features with separate zones for toddlers, teens, and adults. At the Pavo Real Spray Park, there will be a separate dog spray park.

The City decided to build spray parks because they don’t require any swimming skills or special clothing, and will be ADA accessible, as well as be free to the public. They will recycle their own water and use less water and electricity to operate than traditional pools.

These are really quality of life enhancers for kids who might not be able to afford the entry fee to a pool, or who don’t know how to swim.

Good job, City Council!

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