Pay up and get out.

That's the word from El Paso City Council to the Diablo's ownership group, El Paso Professional Baseball LP, after Council voted yesterday to terminate the group's lease on Cohen Stadium.  The City has given the ownership group 10 days to move out of Cohen Stadium and pay the 147 thousand dollars in electricity bills still owed to the City.

The City Attorney’s Office sent a letter 30 days ago to El Paso Professional Baseball LP to try and collect the money they owe the city, but the group has not responded to the letter.

The City is now working to formally terminate the lease and take back Cohen so they can figure out what to do with the land the stadium sits on.  There have been talks about a water park or a baseball complex where high school and college teams could play, but right now, those are just possibilities.

City Rep. Courtney Niland says Council has heard from people who are willing to invest in Cohen and Council is talking to them, but there is no word on what projects are being discussed.

The Triple A ballpark is on schedule to open in April. Here is one of the construction workers, known as "El Mariachi", talking about the Ballpark.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly listed the Tiguas as the responsible party for the debt and lease. This was inaccurate and we apologize.