It looks like we aren't going to get much more winter, so if you have kids, your thoughts are probably turning to what to do with the little monsters when summer hits. There are public pools all over El Paso, but City Council is also going to be installing four spray parks around town. The bad news is they won't be completed until December of this year, but they will be a good alternative to a traditional swimming pool.

Back in May, city reps voted to plan and install a total of eight spray parks, one in every district in El Paso. Last month, council approved funding for districts one, seven and eight. In addition to the spray park, there will be park benches, shaded picnic areas and security lighting.

City reps want all the projects to get underway, but council is hoping to have at least one of them completed by July. There is no word on which district will be the lucky ones to get the first spray park.

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