If you ride a skateboard, roller skates, or a razor scooter, you need to pay attention. El Paso City Council voted to impose new restrictions on the roller devices.

You will no longer be allowed on any roadway except while crossing a street on a crosswalk. You also have to follow laws as they apply to pedestrians, and the changes are now in effect citywide.
City Rep Cortney Niland said the changes were made to discourage negligent and reckless behavior. The steps were taken after reports of damage to Downtown property by roller devices.

Skateboards, roller skates and other similar roller devices will no longer be allowed in the newly renovated San Jacinto Plaza, Arts Festival Plaza or Civic Center Plaza.

Riding on handrails, guardrails, planters, fountains, decorative structures, windows, walls, buildings or other surfaces not intended for pedestrian or vehicular traffic is now prohibited.
You can ride your roller device as transportation and with regard to the safety of pedestrians, but you have to yield or stop for pedestrians.

Skateboarders, roller skaters and riders of similar roller devices who violate the new restrictions could face a $400 fine.