You’ve probably seen roadside memorials while driving around El Paso. Sometimes they are as simple as a cross that marks the spot where a person was killed in a traffic accident, other times there are candles, stuffed animals, and even so-called ‘ghost bikes’ that memorialize someone killed on a bicycle.

Roadside memorials are technically illegal, but for the most part, the City hasn’t removed them unless they posed a traffic hazard. Last week, they decided to change that policy and now they will be removed after 30 days of being spotted by city crews or reported by the public.

Instead of a memorial you put up on your own, you can now buy a placard for a one-time fee of $124. If the placard needs to be replaced, the City will notify the family and ask if they want to buy another.
For another $50, you can personalize the 4-square-foot area surrounding the memorial sign. You can call 3-1-1 to contact the City Streets Department for information on the placards and memorials.

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