El Paso City Council approved a new ordinance that let's busineses use electrified fences to protect their property.  Electric Guard Dog is a company that builds these types of fences, and City Council reps got the chance to see it's CEO demonstrate what type of shock a bad guy would get if he touched one of their fences.

City Council wasn't all in on the ordinance - City Rep. Dr. Michiel Noe said that it is silly to say that it's okay for a business to have a guard dog that could rip someone's throat out, but not an electrified fence with a mild shock.  City Rep. Eddie Holguin said if it is so mild, why have the fence at all?

I think it's a good idea.  I would rather someone know from the outset that they are going to get shocked if they try to climb a fence, than a vicious guard dog accidentally getting loose or a kid climbing a fence and getting bitten. 

What do you think?  Just so you know what kind of shock we're talking about, here is the video of the CEO putting his fence to the test.

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