The proposal is a big relationship moment. While every proposal is special in its own way, I think they are even more memorable when they incorporate the couple’s unique bond.

El Pasoan Johnathan Chrisman, like his wifie-to-be Lucy Castillo, is all about the El Paso Chihuahuas so he used their shared love of game day to put a ring on it during the first Saturday night home game of the 2021 season. “We are huge Chihuahuas fans and we have gone to almost every game before Covid happened,” Lucy told me over chat. “It’s our favorite thing to do.”

Johnathan hit it out of the park, so to speak, by not only getting down on bended knee and popping the question at one of Lucy’s most favorite places in all of El Paso, but he sealed the deal on their anniversary night to boot.

“We had been together exactly 3 years on the night of the proposal, so no better way to do it on our anniversary than at the game!” said an obviously excited Johnathan as evidenced by the exclamation he added at the end.

Johnathan Chrisman
Johnathan Chrisman

Lucy said she had no idea he was going to wife her that night. “He was not nervous; he was really excited as was I because we were happy to start going to the games again.” So, did the future Mrs. Chrisman hoot and holler like the team just won another Pacific Coast League Championship?

“She was just so shocked and happy with tears that she tried to say yes and nodded her head,” Johnathan explained. Hey, an affirmative head nod is just as good. Anything that looks or sounds like a yes when you have a large crowd and a six-foot tall Chihuahua watching is way better than a swing and a miss, amirite? Mazel Tov, you two. Wishing you many more home games together.

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