There's a local group wanting to get people together for a camping trip near El Paso. The local group wants to get people together for a camping trip every so often. The group will begin hosting a "Rigs Under the Moon" event that will be for one day only.

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It will be a mini camping trip that will be at different locations around and near El Paso. Now the reason for the name "Rigs Under the Moon" is for the main purpose of meeting new people while checking out other rigs, set-ups, gadgets, and more. Now if you're unable to fully participate in the mini camping trip you're still welcome to visit.

The local group welcomes you even if you can't stay the entire night to camp out with the others. Also, their biggest rule they would hope you follow is keeping it clean and simple. So if you're planning on attending remember to pack out what you pack in.

The "Rigs Under the Moon" hosts are asking those who will join to keep it drama-free and remember it's a family-friendly trip. Also, if you are going to make it out for this mini camping trip make sure to bring wood for a bonfire. The next camping adventure spot will take place at Kilbourne Hole in La Union, New Mexico.

The next camping trip is set to take place this Saturday, June 12. They will be meeting at Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q on the Westside at noon and roll out by 12:15 pm to Kilbourne Hole. If this is something that would interest you and your family or friends don't be nervous to join in. You can message them if you need more details about the mini camping trip by clicking here.

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