Sweet Addiction and Chuco Relic are teaming up to create a deliciously, stylish way to tell people to STAY HOME.

Seriously, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we live, we now see protests and discussions of already going back to a "normal" life. Problem is, we have a new normal.

As some people continue to live like there isn't a virus with no vaccine in our area, these two local El Paso businesses have a few messages to help make a point on how important it is to stay home at this time.

Right now, El Pasoans are lucky enough to support two businesses at once with these special creation. Not only do you receive a cool shirt with a strong message, you get some delicious cookies with awesome phases like, "Chuco Strong," "Wash Your Hand Guey' and "Stay Home Pendejo." You have probably heard some people shout this somewhere in El Paso.

It is the El Paso way to take care of your fellow human, so do what needs to be done by staying home and ordering local.

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