For those who think El Paso is oh so boring, boy, do I have news for you. It turns out, if doing fun stuff is what you live for, El Paso ain’t a bad place to be.

A list of the best and worst cities for recreation ranks El Paso #25  in the country, and #1 in Texas.

The just-released study by the financial website Wallethub looked at the 100 biggest cities in America, and ranked them according to how accessible having some good old-fashioned fun is.

They looked at data pertaining to things like the number of leisure-time activities, how many public parks and theme parks there are, how affordable entertainment is, and weather.

Their analysis determined that while the number and quality of our 'Entertainment & Recreational Facilities' was weaksauce (#85), our mostly great year-round weather (#25) and how affordable it is to go out around here (#1) more than made up for our short comings.

City of El Paso Parks and Recreation
City of El Paso Parks and Recreation

I'm sure there are plenty of naysayers. It seems complaining about El Paso being lame and that there's nothing to do is a favorite local past-time for many, but there's always stuff to do.

There are free outdoor movies and concerts on many weekends, especially in the summer. We have hiking and biking trails and new spray parks all over the city.

We have fun, family-friendly festivals, and entertainment venues like Top Golf opening soon.

No, we don't have a Six Flags, and, yes, some events and fests cost to get in and then you have to pay for stuff once inside, but not everything worth doing is going to be free. Sometimes you have to spend a little.

There's stuff to do. You just have to want to get up off the couch and do it. (Maybe those doing the complaining are the boring ones?)

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