You know that amazing smell of the desert after the rain? It's something that seems to only happen in El Paso. Kyle Alvarado, a local artist will be recreating that amazing smell with his Sensory Experiment on Saturday, September 1, at 7 p.m. at Onawa. Onawa is a holistic care and wellness center "that emphasizes on the connection of the mind, body & spirit as an approach to life."

The rain smell, or petrichor as it is actually called, comes from the resin and oil within the leaves creosote bush, also known as the Chaparral bush. The plant becomes aromatic when it rains, releasing that signature “rain smell” into the atmosphere. Alvarado will make a hydrosol from the plant, which can be used in water-based essential oil diffusers, and recreate the rain smell at home.

Alvarado will use a customized still and cook the Chaparral leaves, re-condenses the steam back into water, which will render an aromatic, plant-infused liquid. Alvarado says a child therapist and hair stylist plan to use the liquid in their work.

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