For about twenty years, visitors to the El Paso International Airport have been greeted by a lizard motif. Carpets, wall art, lighting, even fencing had the lizards, but the reptiles days are numbered because a new design scheme is coming to the airport.

Airport officials say a new, more contemporary blue and gray color scheme will be the highlight of new carpeting and furnishings that is part of the airport's new logo and branding. Officials say that the lizard logo was unique to El Paso, but it was time to upgrade the look.

When work on Concourse A is completed there will be new charging stations, floor to ceiling windows, and a nursing room for new mothers. Concourse B, which is home to Southwest Airlines, will be complete in the spring. The new look will be paid for by airport revenue, passenger fees and federal grants.

I say, so long, lizards. I think it was the cheesiest the airport has ever looked, and a new look was way overdue. I just hope that the colors chosen aren't washed out, 80s era pasty-looking colors. For the time being, I'll just be happy those ugly lizards are going away.

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