Summertime is here and many El Pasoans will be heading out to other Texas cities for Summer vacation but before you plan your trip, take a look at a new Forbes list that is pointing out the ‘worst’ cities for summer trips.

Forbes Advisor recently analyzed data from 43 of the U.S.'s most populated cities, evaluating them on 16 metrics such as crime rates, hotel prices, extreme temperatures, flight dependability, and the number of highly-rated restaurants. 

Each city received a score out of 100, with 100 indicating the "worst" performance in that category.

How Did Texas Do On The List?

While no Texas cities were listed in Forbes' top 10 Worst Cities for Summer Travel, Dallas came pretty darn close, ranking at number 13. 

The city scored well in terms of overall friendliness and cost-effectiveness for tourists and air travel. However, it received a high score in the Driving Experience category, scoring 70.03 out of 100. Yikes!

Did El Paso Make The List? 

Other Texas cities appeared on the list and yes, El Paso was one of them coming in at number 15. (I demand a recall!)

Austin joined that list too at number 24, and Houston made it to number 34. 

Despite these rankings, Texas generally fared better than many other states

For instance, Florida had three cities in the top 10 worst summer travel cities, with Jacksonville scoring a perfect 100 in City Experience. (I mean, are we really that shocked that Florida was high on the list?)

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Jones

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