Social media blew up yesterday when it was reported that a scheduled football game between Eastwood High School and Plano Senior High School was cancelled because of the Walmart massacre on August 3, 2019. The Plano school district said that the game was cancelled in order to "prioritize the safety of the participating players, students, families and communities."

It's being reported that Eastwood High School football coach Julio Lopez says the game will be played at the Ford Center in Frisco on September 5. Officials with the Ysleta Independent School District are expected to formally announce the details of the September 5 game during a Friday afternoon press conference.

Personally, I'm not happy that we agreed to play this game. When this game got cancelled, it didn't get cancelled because the Plano ISD was worried about bringing their kids to El Paso after a horrific massacre. They weren't trying to keep their kids safe from the gangs of Mexican drug cartels that they are told stream across our bridges by the Trump administration. The Plano ISD chose not to allow OUR STUDENTS, EL PASO'S STUDENTS to go to their city because, well, I don't know why.

Did they think that the drug cartels were going to hitch a ride on the buses and invade Plano? The drug cartels didn't massacre 22 people two weeks ago - a person who published a hate-filled screed who wanted to kill Mexicans did that.

And he went to Plano High School.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the person who targeted our innocent friends and neighbors went to the school that cancelled a game because WE would ostensibly bring danger to their city.

I'm not happy that we let Plano ISD off the hook. This game was cancelled because a filthy slug of a person came to our city and killed 22 innocent people because he doesn't like Mexicans. When Plano cancelled that game, the myth of Mexicans being dangerous was perpetuated and we were the bad guys, not the victims of someone who went to their school.

I hope Eastwood kicks Plano's ass.

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