This mural of a zombie-like pope figure that adorns the wall of the Bo-De-Gas Smoke Shop on N. Zaragoza is raising eyebrows -- and the ire -- of some El Pasoans.

The smoke shop owner, Justin Rojas, told ABC-7 he and muralist Gabe Vasquez conceived the idea for the artwork after observing the hype that surrounded Pope Francis' recent visit to Juarez.

Photos of the wall have been shared on Facebook, and while some think it's an awesome piece of work, others find it disrespectful. Rojas doesn't see it that way, though. He compared it to those editorial cartoons you see in many newspapers.

Do you find the painting's depiction of The Holy Father disrespectful and are offended by it, or do you believe it's nothing more than artistic expression? Hit up the Mike and Tricia Facebook page with your comments

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