Early voting begins today and there are quite a few things you will need to decide on:

1. Ten state propositions: You can click here to find out what they are. One of the most important is Proposition 4 which says the Legislature “may not impose a tax on the net incomes of individuals.” You might want to read up on this one.

2. City of El Paso Public Safety Bond: This is an almost half-billion dollar bond that City officials say is supposed to be used for improvements to the Police and Fire Departments, including vehicles and equipment. Bunk. They have a maintenance department to take care of things. If they would properly maintain things they wouldn't need a half billion dollars to repair things. They might need new vehicles, but they want to build new headquarters, something that will enrich builders who donate a lot of money to City official's campaigns. You will also see an increase in your taxes. From the City's website - "For a household with a $100,000 home, the City currently estimates that property taxes would increase an average of $12 each year for the first six years, rising to a total annual average increase of $72 by year six. This is an average based on current assumptions, so in some years the increase could be higher, in other years it could be lower." Read more about this stupid bond proposal here.

3. District 3 City Council seat: Cassandra Hernandez currently holds this seat but she isn't a Mayor Margo minion so when a social media post that purported to show her running for mayor was posted, he pounced and now we have an expensive special election for this seat. She hasn't thrown her hat into the ring for the mayoral race, that should tell you this election is a power play by Margo and his minions.

4. YISD bond proposal: The district passed a $430 million bond four years ago and now they want $425 million more. You can see what they are planning on doing with that money by clicking here.

During early voting, you can vote at any early voting location even if it’s not your regular voting location. Click here for early voting locations. Early voting will run from October 21st to November 1st. Election day is November 5th.

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