Enrique Iglesias got his fingers sliced up pretty bad during a show over the weekend, when he grabbed a camera drone used to capture shots of the audience.

According to his rep, Enrique sometimes grabs the drone during his shows and uses it to give the audience a shot from his point of view. But on Saturday, he inadvertently sliced his fingers doing so. Iglesias was treated between songs at the side of the stage, and was advised to end the show for the night, but refused. Instead Iglesias drew a heart in blood on his white t-shirt, and went on bringing the sexy for another 30 minutes, still bleeding. [PHOTO] [PHOTO] [PHOTO]

Enrique was rushed to the airport immediately after ending the show, where he was met by an ambulance. He was then put on a plane to L.A. to consult with a specialist. His rep says he is currently in L.A. recovering.