Did you buy someone a gift for Christmas with "YOLO" on it? If so, take cover because Drake might come after you too!


Rapper Drake took to Instagram to get his message across to Macy's and Walgreens to either stop using YOLO (you only live once) on merchandise or pay him. He snapped a picture at a Walgreens of hats that had YOLO across the front and captioned it, "Walgreens...you need to chill or cut the cheque."


He later put up a picture of a blue shirt with Charlie Brown and Snoopy that had "YOLO...it's my motto." Outraged once again, Drake captioned it with, "Macy's...same goes for you."



I understand that Drake's single, "The Motto" did give new life to this old saying but he did not originally come up with it or has trademarked it. It's free for anyone to use until he does.

Macy's and Walgreens are not the only companies that sell merchandise that has YOLO all over it. Everywhere you go some store has their own shirts or hats they sell and didn't ask Drake for permission. It's going to be incredibly hard for him to police the use of YOLO but not a bad idea to try to ask for money from some of the biggest companies.

If you are not familiar with his hit, don't be afraid to watch!