What do you do when you want to dine outdoors, but it’s too chilly outside? Do it in an igloo.

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience that you can combine with the festive holiday vibe of San Jacinto Plaza, Stanton House has brought back its heated holiday igloos.

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Rooftop Yuletide


This year not only can you dine with friends and family in a plastic bubble that's just down the street from all the Winterfest activities, but you can also celebrate the holidays up high and under the stars because the hotel has transformed its rooftop into a winter wonderland of coziness.

The igloos have been moved to the top offering not only an escape from the street traffic and noise but some great nighttime views.

Also new is lounge seating for a more comfy, intimate setting, and they’ve added new items to the menu and a “holiday tree farm,” according to a post on its social media.

What to Know If You Plan to 'Gloo

• Pods are reserved in 1 hour and 45 minute blocks

• The igloos don't require a rental fee, but a food and beverage minimum must be met.

• The menu consists of light bites, cocktails, and desserts prepared by the staff from Taft Diaz, which is the restaurant located inside Stanton House.

• A maximum of eight people are allowed. Children are welcome, but pets are not.

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