The recent release of the movie Oppenheimer has put developing the world's first nuclear bomb back in the spotlight and peeps want to visit the Trinity Site.

In July of 1945, the "Manhattan Project" did what it was created to do ... develop and detonate the first atomic bomb ever.

Less than 1 month later, 2 more such bombs destroyed the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, effectively ending World War II

That first nuclear bomb detonation happened about 2 hours from El Paso, Texas, near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

The spot of the blast, known as the Trinity Site, sits on a highly secured, top secret section of White Sands Missile Range.

It is only open to the public twice a year.

For those two days ... once in April, once in October ... the public may tour the site of the bomb's detonation as well as the home where its core was assembled and other significant sites.

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All while under the very watchful eyes of the United States military.

What Can You NOT Do At The Trinity Site?

Radiation levels at the Trinity Site have been deemed "safe" and are even considered to be relatively low although the test irradiated most of the USA and 3 countries.

Some radiation remains though so, souvenir gathering is NOT encouraged.

Particularly when it comes to small, green, glass-like items.

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What Is Trinitite?

Trinitite, aka "green glass" or "Alamogordo Glass", is a product of the incredible energy of the blast which fused sand, dirt, and, (probably), other stuff into a greenish, "gem-like" stone.

The greenish tint is a direct result of those "ingredients" being irradiated so DON'T TOUCH THE GREEN GLASS.

Unless you want your grandkids to have 3 eyes or something.


Some trinitite was taken from Trinity before the government made collecting it illegal and can still be found for sale.

It's been so long though that, it's presumed safe by now.

As long as you don't eat it. 

How Can You Tour The Trinity Site?

For more info on touring the Trinity Site, click here. You can also click here. The site is opened to the public twice a year on the first Saturday of April and the 3rd Saturday of October.

The recent release of the movie "Oppenhemer" is expected to spur interest in Trinity Site so much larger crowds than usual are expected in October.

Wait times may get pretty long, hours perhaps.

Depending on when you arrive, you may not get in at all so, plan accordingly.

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