Did you know that you aren't supposed to feed ducks or swans bread? Well, you're not, and here's why. Another thing you shouldn't do is buy chicks or bunnies for an Easter basket.

County officials say that in the days and weeks after Easter, they see a lot of abandoned birds that were bought as Easter gifts. People dump domesticated ducks and other chicks at Ascarate Lake after they've stopped being cute and fuzzy. The problem is, domesticated animals that are sold around this time of year are not equipped to take care of themselves in the wild. They could be killed by other wildlife or even disrupt the ecosystem of Ascarate Lake.

People who buy cute little bunnies also get rid of them after adorable little Peter Cottontail gets a little bigger or when their kids have lost interest. They usually end up at Animal Services or in a local park. But as with the domesticated ducks and chicks that get abandoned, the rabbits are also unprepared for the wild.

Leaving an animal behind isn't just cruel, it is also illegal and can get you a misdemeanor, or possible a felony charge. If you don't want those chicks or bunnies, take them to Animal Services or a rescue group. They won't die a terrible death at the hand of other wildlife, and maybe they might even get rescued.

Click here for Animal Services Shelter information.

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