If you're going to head over to Juarez to grab some flowers to bring back to your sweetheart here in El Paso, you should know what flowers you can and can't bring over before you go.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists will be keeping an eye on what you are trying to cross with so that the lovely plants and flowers you are trying to cross over with for Valentine's Day don't bring insects, pests or diseases into the U.S. that could cause problems for our agricultural and floral industries.

Because so many people will be going back and forth between Juarez and El Paso to shop or go out to restaurants and bars because Valentine's Day falls on a Friday, CBP says that only makes their job a harder because so many people will be celebrating.

If you don’t know what kind of flowers you can cross from Mexico into the US, here is a partial list:
Flowering Quince
Quince stems
Mock Orange

There are also plants and greenery that are not allowed to cross from Mexico to the US:
Pine: two & three needless cluster
Douglas fir

If you think you can get away with not declaring your flowers just know that if you don't and you get caught with them you could get hit with a $300 fine. I don't care how amazing those flowers are, they aren't worth a $300 ticket.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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