Don Carbón Mesquite Grill is expanding and opening up its eighth location on Mesa St. near UTEP.

Even though we are still going through the novel coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing construction on Mesa - I’m excited to see that some local businesses are powering through and the expansion of Don Carbón Mesquite Grill is a healthy sign that some local businesses are making headway.

Don Carbón Mesquite Grill is an El Paso family-run business that popped up around 2013 with its first restaurant opening in the Upper Valley featuring its popular chicken grilled over mesquite charcoals and squared tortillas. Its menu also offers a variety of other tasty items such as burgers, fit bowls, a kid’s menu, and vegan options.

The family-run chain of local restaurants has had great success over the last few years and has been slowly adding a new location every year as it continues to grow – bringing a total of eight locations to the El Paso area with the addition of its new upcoming site on North Mesa, with the hopes of expending into Northeast El Paso sometime next year.

Current Don Carbón Mesquite Grill Locations Include:

  • 6215 Upper Valley Rd. - 915-243-4065
  • 1050 Sunland Park Dr. - 915-585-9000
  • 6351 S Desert Blvd - 915-234-2611
  • 13855 Horizon Blvd - 915-600-7672
  • 2114 N Zaragoza Rd. - 915-600-7675
  • 2001 Mountain Pass Blvd - 915-613-3013
  • 7790 Gateway Blvd E - 915-615-4879
  • 3100 N. Mesa St. - COMING SOON

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