You know that Mike and Tricia Mornings loves the ghosteses. We have ghostbusters and hunters on the show all the time, we've done ghost tours in Concordia Cemetery, and we've even had a ghost talk to us in our studio. Click here to hear the Hello Ghost who made an appearance in the Mike and Tricia studio.

All that ghost stuff made me click on the clip of a little girl whose mom said was talking to her aunt and getting a kiss from her, but the aunt is dead. Keyona Walker took her little girl Leyona to the grave of Keyona's sister and started filming when Leyona seemingly started carrying on a conversation with someone who wasn't there. The clip shows Leyona raising her arms like little kids do when they want an adult to pick them up and babbling to someone who isn't there, or are they?

The thing that got me the most is when Leyona tilts her face up and kisses the air as though she is getting kissed by an adult leaning over her. It's the sweetest thing and not the least bit creepy, but it does beg the question - was Leyona's aunt there? I certainly hope so. It would be a lovely thing to know that she got a kiss from her aunt.

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