When faced with a refrigerator full of food, do you know which things to throw out and which things are safe to eat?

The U. S. Department of Agriculture says you need to remember four things about food items: Clean, separate, cook, and chill. Here are some good tips to remember:

1. Leftovers are only safe for three to four days. After that, you should throw them out.

2. 'Sell by' dates are there to tell you when grocery stores have to clear the item from their shelves. 'Best by' or 'use by' tells you when that food item is at its top quality.

3. Raw chicken - Freeze it after one or two days in the fridge. USDA officials say it will keep indefinitely. It might have an off taste, but they say it will be safe.

4. Eggs - Can be stored in the fridge for up to five weeks.

5. Broths - Once opened, keep no longer than three days.

6. Spices and Canned goods - Throw away spices that have separated, and toss damaged canned good.

You can learn more about food safety on the USDA website.

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