El Paso Animal Services wants to make sure that you and your pets stay together forever, but sometimes those pups and kitties get out of your house or yard. There is nothing scarier than realizing your beloved pet is lost and finding them can be a tough job. Animal Services officials say that over 50 lost pets are taken to the center each and every day. That's a lot of animals, and a lot of them don't have collars or microchips. If you are an pet owner, a collar or microchip can make the difference between finding Fido and never seeing him again.

Animal Services says make sure your pet wears a collar with identification tags, including a phone number where you can be reached. Get your pet microchipped and make sure you update that chip with current information if you move or change your phone number or email. If you have a lost pet during the month of February, Animal Services will waive pet reclaim fees throughout the month. If your pet has to be outside, make sure they are on a leash or in a carrier.

If your pet is lost and you would like to see if he made it to Animal Services, you can go to the center's website and check the “Found Pets” webpage at EPAnimalServices.com.

If your pet gets out, go to Animal Services at 5001 Fred Wilson, or call them at (915) 212-PAWS.
There are also other animal shelters around town like the Humane Society and the Animal Rescue League of El Paso's Facebook page. You can also check the Lost & Found Pets of El Paso Facebook page.

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