One of the biggest movies of the Thanksgiving holiday was Disney's Coco. The movie is about Miguel who wants to be a musician but has to deal with his family's generations-old ban on music. He goes to the Land of the Dead so he can meet his great-great grandfather and find out why his family seemingly hates music.

The movie did $100 million in just two weeks, but a lot of the talk has been about the Disney short, Olaf's Frozen Adventure. People were not happy about their Coco experience being hijacked by a 21 minute "short" movie. They took to Twitter to shade Disney because theaters were warning people about it:

Well, the good news is Disney has heard your cries in the desert and they will no longer make you sit through Olaf and his Frozen adventure. They say it's because the movie short was always only supposed to be a limited run, but most people think it's because they were tired of the backlash. Either way, enjoy Coco, but take tissues. I hear it's going to make you cry-laugh and cry-cry.

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