SNAPSHOT: PARIS HILTON - out shopping with her mom and sister Saturday - makes a good case for why leggings should not be worn in lieu of pants ...
COUPLE NEWS: 1.) The tabloids said they broke up, but CAMERON DIAZ and ALEX RODRIQUEZ seem to be back on as they were spotted vacationing in Mexico over the Thanksgiving weekend ...
"They break up and get back together all the time," says an all-knowing tabloid source.
2.) There were a couple of SWIFTENHAAL (???) sightings over the holiday weekend.
After grabbing a latte in Brooklyn, New York on Thanksgiving, TAYLOR SWIFT and JAKE GYLLENHAAL headed to Swift's hometown of Nashville Saturday. Someone who saw the couple at a Nashville coffeehouse tells 'People', "They didn't look like [just] friends."

3.) JESSICA SIMPSON has revealed details of Eric Johnson's November 11th proposal. She says her fiance hid her engagement ring in a shoe at her house before popping the question.

She was watching "Parenthood" when Eric asked her to pause the show. "He got down on his knee and I had to sit down on it because I was so shocked. I was...short of breath. It was definitely one of those moments where I've never felt that way before, ever."

4.) Word on the street is MARIAH CAREY is carrying twins. This after referring to her fetus as "they" during a radio interview.
She was talking about how she sings tracks from her new Christmas C.D to her baby bump and said, quote, "I just hope that they don't turn out hating Christmas!"

EVA'S "EXPLOSIVE" CONFRONTATION WITH THE "OTHER WOMAN": There was no shortage of drama in the days leading up to EVA LONGORIA filing for divorce from husband TONY PARKER.

According to "Star" magazine, after finding hundreds of explicit text messages on November 10th from Erin Barry - a woman she considered a friend - Eva got on a private plane and flew to San Antonio to confront the so-called 'other woman' face-to-face.

She got a tip that Erin was leaving town, and the two were said to have had it out in a parking lot at the airport. Erin kept her composure and denied any affair with Tony, telling Eva she was “dead wrong.” Two days later, Tony flew to L.A to beg for forgiveness, but Eva wanted no part of him.

Since then, she’s learned he’s been with at least six other women. Allegedly.

SNAPSHOT: Like Cameron and A-Rod, JENNIFER ANISTON also spent the Thanksgiving weekend vacationing in Mexico ...
Only Jen doesn't have a man so she went with a group of friends, including TV host Chelsea Handler ...
VIDEO: KANYE WEST got booed when his float made its way through New York City during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday ...

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