Hike back-in-time to the age of the dinosaurs with this one-of-a-kind dino hike in El Paso.

There are over two miles of nature trails at the dinosaur track sites around El Paso and Juarez and you can visit the dinosaur tracks and also see an entire hill of fossils.

You’ll see hundreds of dinosaur tracks and many other fossils, and will learn about the modern environment and history of Mt. Cristo Rey.

If you love an active lifestyle and are always looking for an outdoor experience then the dinosaur trail is for you.

The hike is about 2.5 miles with tracker Eric Kappus and is a strenuous hike not intended for children under the age of 5. Parents must accompany children under 18 years of age. Reservations required limited space available. For more information call (575) 589-0653 ext. 3

Dinosaur Hike

  • Ardovino’s Desert Crossing
  • 1 Ardovino Drive
  • Sunland Park, NM 88063
  • Saturday, April 11th
  • 9:00am to 11:30am
  • $7.50 per person
  • Reservations are required
  • For more information call (575) 589-0653 x3

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