Uber and other ride sharing programs have become big business, but did you know that if you are under 18 years of age, you cannot request a ride from them?

El Paso Uber drivers say they are getting a lot of minors who are requesting rides, but if they do take that fare and get caught, they can be deactivated by Uber for doing so. One El Paso Uber driver told KFOX that he knows of drivers who will pick up minors even though it's against company policy because they are making their living on requests no matter where they come from.

Uber says their terms and conditions for creating an Uber rider account requires that the person be at least 18 years of age. That doesn't mean that drivers don't ignore that, but if they do, Uber will remove that account's access and the driver will be deactivated.

Uber drivers can drive minors if they are with someone who is 18 years or older because that prevents drivers from being responsible for the safety of a minor. Some drivers say that it is sometimes difficult to determine if someone is a minor and they hope that underage riders will do the right thing and not take an Uber unless they are with an adult.

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